Erro and French Pop

12967402_562710523889304_1569838726793487431_oERRO AND FRENCH POP. By the mid 1960’s Pop art became an important movement in France and Erro was in the middle of it.Pop Art had originated in Great Britian with Edward Paolozzi (1924-2005) and and Richard Hamilton, (1922-1911) in the early 1950’s. it spread to the United States in the later 50’s with Jasper Johns and Bob Rauschenberg then the others, Lichenstein, Warhol, Rosenquist, Oldenburg, and so on. Erro was born in Iceland in 1932. Ten years after Hamilton and Paolozzi .

The great American dealer, Iliana Sonnabend, former wife, but lifelong friend of Leo Castelli (the dealer who introduced Pop into America), had the first Paris show of Pop at her gallery in Paris in 1962.Erro was in the thick of French Pop. His particular art became called Figuration Narrative and he was grouped with others like Jacques Monory, Peter Klasen, and Valero Adami Erro says that he loves to paint because painting is one’s own utopia.

Erró (born Guðmundur Guðmundsson in 1932 in Ólafsvík, Iceland) is a postmodern artist. 11061261_562710540555969_8743202803417403838_oHe studied art in Norway and in Italy, and has resided in Paris, Thailand and on the island of Formentera for most of his life. In 1989 he donated a large collection of his works to the

Reykjavik Arts Museum, which has put part of it on permanent display and opened a websitewhere the whole collection can be visited. Erró stands today as perhaps the most renowned living artist the country has produced. His work is on display the world over, from New York to the Far East.

His current New York show opened last week at the Galerie Perrotin. It is masterful, delightful, and wonderful.Erro is a advisor to Visual Art Library. We are so pleased to have his involvement. He is in the process of giving Visual Art Library a large shipment of books to us and also paying the cost of sending them from Paris. GW

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