In the 1980s, George Waterman, founder of the Visual Art Library (VAL) started collecting art books, catalogs and announcements and kept them in his New York SOHO apartment. George had also purchased several historic 1880s buildings in New London, Connecticut and decided that since the trains and ferries stopped two blocks from them, he would move his art collections there.

Over 100,000 art resources are now located in the Harris Building at 165 State Street. The Visual Art Library will move to a new space in May 2024 and become more accessible to researchers, students and the regional art community. The VAL is now a nonprofit organization, thanks to generous donations from art book collectors from around the world.

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The Visual Art Library's (VAL) mission is to create a world renown art research facility in New London, Connecticut that is open to scholars, the regional arts community and the general public. The VAL provides access to 20th and 21st century art images through its thousands of monographs, exhibition catalogs, art announcements and ephemera in the printed format.


The VAL strives to become an educational institution that combines a unique art resource collection with a learning environment.

Visual Art Library Staff
George Waterman, President & CEO
Aly Maderson Quinlog, Coordinator of Arts Education

Frieda Arth, New York
Elizabeth C. Baker, New York
Larry Bell Taos, NM
Erro, Paris
Helen Frederick, Washington, DC
John G. Hanhardt, New York
Milan Hughston, New York
Gunnar Kvaran, Oslo
Edward Lucie-Smith, London
Peter Nagy, New Delhi
Hans Ulrich Obrist, London
Park, Seo-Bo, Seoul (1931-2023)

Susan P. Firestone
Gregory Graham
Jorie M. Waterman
Gwendolyn W. West